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August 18, 2012
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Warnings: Extreme moe of you as a Japanese waitress in that maid cafe thwingy they have. XD iggy couldn't resist~

Another Warning: I may not have that good of information; I got this idea from that anime and manga with that president chick being a maid to support her family and a cassanova falling for her. I cannot think of the name XD




"You want to take me where, Japan?" England asked Japan, tilting his large eyebrow in a somewhat questionable way. Japan had taken him to his country for a holiday, and then asked if he could take England out. England had kept inside of Japan's beautiful home, giving compliments left and right, but Japan wanted to take him somplace he would enjoy.


"A maid cafe, Britian-san." Japan nodded slightly to himself, a small smile on his usually blank face. Yes, he decided the perfect place to take England was to a maid cafe. It was small, welcoming, and had beautiful women taking care of their every whim. Japan wanted to leave a good impression on England, and that was the perfect place. Well, to him at least.


"Wait, what?" England asked after Japan explained to him what a maid cafe was. He couldn't believe that the serious nation had something as weird as that. In his confusion, he alowed his bushy eyebrows to travel further up his forehead, and his mouth fall open into a little 'o'. Japan chuckled lightly at the hilarious expression on his face before becoming blank again. This was so funny he couldn't help but smile lightly and nod, encuraging the eyebrows to go further up. And believe me, they did.


"That is outragious! How did this come to your country, Japan?" England asked after finally controlling his facial expression.


"Werl, Britian-san, that is a story for another time. For now, we should get ready to go." Japan left to get dressed in a kimono without another word, leaving a speakless England to be swallowed into his thoughts. A. . .maid cafe?! With women in revealing outfits caitering to his every whim?! England thought to himslef quietly, a blush playing onto his face. Women caitering to his every need. . . England blushed hard, shaking that thought out of his head as Japan came back in.


"Are you ready to go?" Japan asked lightly, in good humor. England slowly nodded, the blush deepening as he thought of where Japan was taking him. He continued blushing all the way there.


"Are you alright, Britian-san?" Japan asked, the side of his mouth coming up slightly to form a smirk. This was going to be interesting to watch, thought Japan as England squirmed nervously as they entered, a big red blush on his cheeks.


"Er, yes, I suppose I-" He was interrupted by no other that you.


. . .



You giggled cutely as you skipped to them. "Welcome, masters! Would you like for me to show you your seats?" You smiled cutely up at them, noting as the blond one on your regular, Honda Kiku,'s side blushed even more, staring at his shoes as if they were the most interesting things in the world. You giggled again, a small blush creeping onto your cheeks. He was so cute~! Must've been his first time being here. You yourself had moved from (Country) to this area, and you yourself were quite new as well. But, with a cutesy giggle and a pretty face and body, you had slowly risen to the top.


"Hai, _____-san, the usual table, prease." Kiku spoke. "Arthur-san. . ?" Ah. So his name was Arthur. His big, bushy eyebrows twitched in embarassment, a scowl clear on his face.


"Yes, Kiku?" England spoke through his clentched teeth. He was really not comfortable with this. No where was safe too look! If he looked up, he'd meet the eyes of the pretty waitress _______, and if he looked away, he'd see even more women in short frilly dresses. He began to sweat, both his ears as red as his cheeks. He looked like he was going to have a bloody stroke. You bowed slightly to Kiku, taking Arthur's hand and leading him gently to the table. You had a soft smile on your face, but in reality you were nervous this poor man was going to faint right then and there.


"What would you like, masters~?" You chirped after you were sure he wasn't going to pass out. Kiku smiled tinily at you.


"The regular for me, ____-san." You looked at Arthur. His head was buried into his arms. You pecked him happily on his reddening cheek, smiling to yourself. He stiffened, his cheek blaizing. You giggled again.


"Master~? Are you going to order~?" His head snapped up. Right. He had to be gentlemanly to the lady.


"Ah, yes love, can I have a coffee? Thank you so much." He smiled gently, then went back to his arms. His cheek lost his innocence. . !! You smiled, bowing to both of them, before flouncing back to the kitchen to relay the order. You leaned onto the door, sighing dreamily. He was so cute, with his huge eyebrows and gentlemanly ways!! And that accent. . ! You slid onto the floor, giggling. You giggled alot.


England, meanwhile, was having a mental breakdown. 'Holy ****, holy ****, you blew it, you blew it!'  He wailed in his mind. He kicked himself underneath the table, gentalmanly pretenses be damned. You were just so cute, so nice to him! He groaned and banged his head onto the table.


"Britian-san, you seem depressed." Japan noted. England lifted his head to look at him before allowing it to slam back onto the desk. You smiled and twirled back with the orders.


"Here you go, Masters!" You set the usual in front of Kiku, then stopped in front of Arthur. He looked up at you, smiling nicely, with a HUGE red mark on his forehead. You giggled and set his coffee onto the table in front of him. "Master, I made this expecially for you~! Enjoy~!" You kissed his forehead and skipped away. He stared at that coffee, red faced, wide-green-eyes, and a twitching smile on his face. The coffee had pink coloring, and heart sprinkles. He leaned over the chair, looking at the neighbor's coffee. Brown and blank. HA! VICTORY!! SHE LIKED HIM!! He partied in his head, not noticing a winning smile on Japan's face. His plan worked~! He chuckled to himself lightly.

I had fun with this, sooooooooooooo much fun~! >XD

Oh, yeah, I own nothing but idea.
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sonichetaliafan97 Mar 20, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
TsukiKage-Taicho Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Japan you are a FRICKN GENIUS
DJhetalia Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Maid sama
Mewnekoice Jul 28, 2013  Student Filmographer
Yeah,You go Britain:D (Big Grin) 
I've been to a Maid cafe and you pretty much hit the nail on the head.
and I've also been to a butler cafe as well...
I'd like to visit a butler cafe xD what's it like at them?
Similar to a maid cafe but with guys instead of girls.
xD cool so the call you master too (or mistress?)
He called me "miss".
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